Privacy Policy

Why we collect information:

Quite simply, Kings & Queens collects certain information about visitors using any of our Digital Communication Tools, and their activities thereof, and we do so in an on-going effort to outreach to prospective customers while providing a pleasant and convenient digital experience for our customers and digital visitors, while also being mindful of the importance protecting such information from unauthorized intrusion.

What information we collect:

Kings & Queens only collects enough personally identifiable information necessary to provide the scope of services we commercially offer, and for marketing purposes.  This information may include, but is not limited to, full legal name, home & mailing address(es), phone number, valid email address, payment information, and social media account names, if and where applicable.  Aside from personally identifiable information, we also collect expansive non-identifiable digital traffic data for compliance and analytical purposes only.  

We will never ask you for private information such as your account password, date of birth, SIN#, or payment PIN#, or any other information that is otherwise excessive or unnecessary in our service fulfillment pursuant to our published Consolidated Terms and Conditions.  

How we collect & use information:

Website: Users who opt to register an account on the Kings & Queens website or facilitate an online purchase using the guest check-out function are required to provide certain personal and payment information which we use to properly fulfill sales orders and maintain user accounts.    

Customer Service: Customer service inquiries placed using any of our Digital Communication Tools may require certain information, including personal and payment information, in an effort to better respond to such inquiries.  

Social Media: Social networks used by Kings & Queens, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, among others, existing and emerging; may directly or indirectly provide us with access to certain personal information about their registered users.  Such personal information will depend on the social networks, their respective data management and privacy policies, and the privacy settings of the individual users of those social networks.  Any information Kings & Queens acquires through these channels is used for community engagement, customer service and marketing purposes. 

Digital Traffic Monitoring: For security and analytical purposes, we use reputable server-side and third party cloud-based applications to monitor the digital traffic across Kings & Queens’ entire network of Digital Communication Tools.  By design, the traffic data obtained and retained does not include any personally identifiable information.  We use digital traffic monitoring data to recognize and report activities that contravene our Consolidated Terms & Conditions, resolve and mitigate technical issues on our platforms, augment the scope and management of our Digital Communication Tools, and to analyze the behaviours of our digital visitors for marketing and service improvement purposes.  

Who will have access to information?

By policy, Kings & Queens shall not use your personal information beyond the stated purposes herein.  We do not sell or share personal information to any unrelated third party, unless required to do so by law or court order.  Kings & Queens maintains internal controls governing the access to your personal information, and such access is restricted to authorized individuals among the Company’s Associates who are legally bound by agreement and policy to respect the confidentiality of your information.

How we secure & protect information:

The Kings & Queens website is hosted on a secure server with a valid SSL certificate, and is accessible by a secure gateway protocol (https://).  All information processed on the Kings & Queens website is encrypted and secure.  When browsing our website, you may see an alert or notification advising you that the page you are viewing contains both secure and non-secure items.  Non-secure items generally mean pictures, graphics, and other media, loaded from a third party, rather than directly from our servers.  This does not in any way compromise the encryption or security of any information supplied or processed on our website.  Kings & Queens securely stores information physically at our secure facilities in Canada, and on our secure cloud servers located in the USA.  We back-up information on a routine basis, both locally and remotely.